March 3rd - May 3rd, 2017

Featuring: Catalina Aranguren, Mykal, Samuel Orrego, LeDor, Marc Fusco, Timothy David Long, and Luke Walter

To jump-start the opening of their 2nd location, PRIME is pleased to present their first exhibition, Urbanity Thru the Lens, a photography-based group show that pays homage to the banalities of everyday city living. Each piece plays on the somewhat elusive term, urbanity, by juxtaposing cityscapes with those that embody and navigate through them.  The show features works by Montreal-based Artist, LeDor and NY/NJ based Artists; Catalina Aranguren, Marc Fusco, Timothy David Lang, Mykal, Samuel Orrego, and Luke Walter.

Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Mayor Fulop

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Aranguren has a background in photography, design and metalsmithing. She earned her BFA at The School of the Art Institute in Chicago, and added studies at Spéos in Paris. Her work explores the relationship between perception and cognition.

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New to the art scene, Fusco discovered his love for photography during his frequent travels around the globe. His knack for capturing that perfect composition fused with beautiful candid life moments enabled him to pick up a traditional 35 mm Nikon Camera. Photography has now become Fusco’s newly found passion that he intends to make his ongoing career. There is much in store for this one.

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Lang has been exhibiting his work for fourteen years, including six solo exhibitions and ten group exhibitions. Since relocating to New Jersey, he has had six solo shows and two group shows.

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LeDor is a photographic artist from Ottawa, Ontario. After obtaining a commercial photography diploma, they moved to Toronto and found themselves inspired to create something different. Since then they have lived in New York City and Montreal, all three cities leading to a unique oeuvre of photo-surrealistic images that bend and mold fantasy and reality together. They aim to reach audiences outside of and within Canada, both in the Fine Art and Commercial sectors.

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Before finding his way to photography, the earlier part of Samuel Orrego’s life saw him playing in music bands, allowing him a chance to travel cross-country. Transitioning from music to most-recently photography, those musical endeavors have stayed with Orrego, influencing much of his body of work.

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Walter his BFA at the School of Visual arts in NYC, where he specialized in still photography. his work captures a visual story of urban, rural and aquatic landscapes. Walter is now a fine art and commercial photographer, whose client list ranges from Kate Spade to MTV to Fender Bender Magazine

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