June 29th - August 29th (2018)

Co-Curated by: Featured Artists, Eitan Barokas and Gallery Director, Maria Kosdan

Featuring: Eitan Barokas, Mr. Mustart, The LoveChild, Hamlet, and Ron Haywood Jones,

Utilizing art as a vehicle of visual expression, featured artists showcased works of raw, edgy, street art styles to visually emulate how one overcomes these obstacles in life.

Two guests admiring a work by Mr. Mustart from the opening night of  Trials and Tribulations.

Two guests admiring a work by Mr. Mustart from the opening night of Trials and Tribulations.


Eitan Barokas (Co-Curator)

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While he was surrounded by creativity and Art throughout his childhood, he only found the urge to create in his late high school years. Eitan’s beginnings in Art quickly escalated from hobby to passion—as he painted for the fist time just a year before beginning college…During his time at Emory University, he majored in both Business and Interdisciplinary Studies—yet Eitan quickly realized that he was creating just as much as he was studying. From a make-shift studio in his dorm room, to working in classrooms across campus, Eitan painted constantly throughout his four years at University…

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Mr. Mustart

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“I must art everyday… to survive, to feel good and to be alive. A couple of years ago I was telling myself I want to paint everyday. When I moved to this country, I was working with my dad and doing  all these odd jobs… I was painting my whole entire life. Since I was a little kid… My first art experience was my dad would build everything in the house; furniture etc… He would decorate our bunk beds; he did drawings of a beach ball, rubix cube…Just like random kid shit. I remember being inspired to draw different shapes, which might have been the first things that I drew, besides the doodles I did.”

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The LoveChild

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“A self taught painter and former street artist who describes his vision and expression as Pop Abstraction. Through the efforts of his mother, he emigrated on his own to Brooklyn from the island nation of Grenada in 2003. From there, he quickly turned to figure drawing as a means of creating companionship. He imagined and illustrated worlds on paper that he felt isolated from, drawing on the rich organic colors he was surrounded by in his former Caribbean home. In time, his commitment to the arts deepened via the world of photography and other visual arts including painting and collage.”

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A resident of the Jersey City Area, Hamlet Manzuela uses art as a therapeutic process. View a celebration of his pieces here.

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Ron Haywood Jones

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“Born and raised in Michigan, Ron Haywood Jones attended college at Parson’s School of Design. He graduated with his BFA and went on to start careers in ad agencies and textile design studios. The influence of textile design is apparent in his artwork through the bright colors, repeated symbols, and textures. Nowadays we may bump into Jones on the streets of New York City. He is presently working on a series of artworks that have “an ongoing theme of past individualization of people from Africa, and past social movements circa the 1960’s and current urban issues” Jones remarks “my work is like some kind of urban Guernica.”

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