Nostalgique | BERC KETCHIAN

A Solo Exhibition curated by Maria Kosdan

May 31st - September 13th

Berc Ketchian is an American born Artist who continues to keep the spirit of the Nineteenth Century French Impressionists alive with his unique atmospheric style of complex compositions that immediately engage the viewer.

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“Born In Istanbul, Turkey, Berc following his passion, in nineteen hundred and sixty five he left Istanbul for Nice, France to immerse himself and future study of the arts. To support himself, he found work with the renowned artist and sculpturer, Benvenuti. Traveling to Paris to continue his painting, Berc was fortunate to hold several additional showings at Montparnasse. His love of painting the Native Street People combined with his extraordinary use of watercolor and oil, have enabled Berc to transmit the warmth, strength, and pastel serenity of his talents to the canvases. After a successful experience in France, Berc returned to Istanbul in seventy one to open his studio of art and decoration. Traveling throughout the Islands of Greece, Berc discovered his path. In his own words, “I experienced my renaissance when I discovered bodrum (Halikarnasus) and the paintings of small villages and their peoples.” Berc moved his family to the United States in nineteen eighty three and settled in Northern New Jersey.”

-Perry Frantsmann"