April 6th - June 27th (2018)

Curated by: Co-Founders of The Raritan Gallery, Damani Adadevoh and Shawn Harris

Featuring: Traceloops | David Paulkay | Yelena Kimelblat | 3D New Yorker

Opening night of  MONOCHROME.

Opening night of MONOCHROME.

The Raritan Gallery (TRG), an incorporeal digital arts gallery and platform, partnered with PRIME Gallery to present MONOCHROME, featuring artists Traceloops, David Paulkay, Yelena Kimelblat, and 3D New Yorker. The show incorporated pieces across multiple mediums with a unified monochromatic color palette, eliminating the noise and distraction of color in the audience's experience. The show's pared down palette and minimalist tone amplifies each artist's voice and brings a sense of timelessness to the pieces. 



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“TraceLoops is a animation experiment centered around hand-drawn, physical animations and experiments with the creation and perception of motion. TraceLoops has been used by a variety of brands including Converse, NBC, Hyundai, MTV, Purina, Trolli, AXE, Olay, Perrier, A&E, Warby Parker, CNN, The Tate Modern, Ghostly International, Electric Objects, WestSoy, Yahoo Sports, and others.”

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David Paul Kay

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“Curiosity is where my work is born. I ask questions and I try to answer them while I create. Anything is a medium and anywhere is a gallery. I discovered my code, my individual language through which I calibrate my thoughts and translate them my work.

Art, just like life, starts with nothing and has an opportunity to turn into anything, everything. I chase those opportunities. Creating is my way of challenging time. I decapitate my thoughts, my feelings and then recreate them by following my own chaotic yet organic system of impulses. How I paint is how I see and understand the universe, she is intricate, unpredictable yet so easy to understand and navigate through.”

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Yelena Kimelblat

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“I never painted before in my life and couldn’t even imagine that I would start. The root of my creativity stems from a desire to live a long life free from unhappiness, a life for the Here and Now. I was inspired to take a brush and paint by my friend, The People’s Artist of Ukraine, Mikhail Turovsky. Inspiration is contagious – once inspired you are capable of anything.

I am like a child who is seeing the world anew and this is so wonderful! I am experiencing a constant state of happiness at the ability to create. There is no fear. I am moving forward with a soul full of light.”

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3D New Yorker

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A 3D photographer and director, 3D New Yorker utilizes time and space to capture stunning images of the world around us.

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